The AFMASS FoodTech Conference & Expo – Tanzania edition is the first technical conference targeted at Tanzania’s food, beverage and milling industry.

The event covers the latest trends in processing, packaging, food safety and nutrition and health, with a focus on the industry in Tanzania.

AFMASS FoodTech Tanzania edition is structured to deliver on two fronts:

  • A Conference Hall, where leading regional and international suppliers and consultants share latest processing, packaging and food safety technologies to the delegates from the food, beverage and milling manufacturing, retail and food service industry; Government regulators and policy makers and NGO/development organisation managers;
  • An Expo Hall, where leading suppliers showcase their equipment, packaging, ingredients, food safety and lab, and engineering and automation solutions to the industry in Tanzania and the region.

The food, beverage and milling industry in Tanzania is going through a major transformation, with major investments in agriculture and agribusiness opening many opportunities in the milling, beverages, meat, dairy, fruits and veg, bakery, animal feed and other associated food industries.

Furthermore, there is a considerable growth in the hospitality and foodservice industry and retail trade, driven by rising incomes, urbanization and an uptick in tourism numbers in Tanzania.

Tanzania is blessed with rich and productive agricultural landmass and a significant producer of meat, poultry, milk, fish, grains (maize and rice), oilseeds (sunflower, cotton and sesame, coconut) and fruits and vegetables.

Recent investments in the agriculture value chain including international companies have brought focus into Tanzania’s food and agriculture industry.


The AFMASS FoodTech Conference & Expo – Tanzania edition is aimed at the following objectives:

  • Build the capacity of small, medium and large scale enterprises in Tanzania so as to improve their processing, labelling and packaging capabilities and efficiencies in a cost-effective and sustainable manner;
  • Build technical and commercial skills of the key decision makers in the manufacturing, retail and foodservice industry and academia in Tanzania;
  • Provide a forum for networking for peers from the industry, Government agencies and other stakeholders from Tanzania, EAC region and other participants from Africa and the World;
  • Improve food safety and quality in the agriculture and food industry value chains in Tanzania, thereby enabling companies to meet local, regional and international food safety and quality standards;
  • Provide a platform to share the latest regulatory, standards and trade trends in Tanzania, the East African Community, SADC and COMESA trade blocks, thereby enabling regional trade;
  • Link up the food, beverage and milling industry manufacturers, retailers and hospitality players with appropriate solution providers from Tanzania, the region and the rest of the World, thereby enabling them to identify suppliers they can work with to deliver on their projects and company goals;
  • Enable the food, beverage and milling industry in Tanzania to learn ways to reduce post-harvest losses and improve value addition of agricultural produce in the country;
  • Mainstream innovations in new product development, nutrition and health and sustainability that can be locally adopted using locally available resources while meeting the latest market trends.

Who will Attend?

The conference will be attended by the following key stakeholders:

  • Owners, Directors, Chairman, CEOs and General Managers;
  • Technical managers with operations, production, quality, R&D, engineering, packaging, food safety and sustainability roles in the agriculture, manufacturing, retail and hospitality and foodservice sectors;
  • Suppliers of equipment, packaging, ingredients and chemicals, food safety and laboratory;
  • Key decision makers from Government ministries and regulatory authorities;
  • Academicians, researchers and university students;
  • Managers from NGOs and development organizations.