About African Grains, Milling & Feed Tech Conference


The African Grains, Milling & Feed Tech Conference brings together investors, managers and professionals; suppliers; Government agencies and NGOs from grain trading, distribution, baking, milling and animal feed manufacturing supply chain in Africa and the World to discuss the way forward for Africa’s grains industry.

The African Grains, Milling & Feed Tech Conference is the first stand-alone regular technical conference for the grains-related industry in sub-Saharan Africa, and is on its second year at the 2018 events.

The conference focuses on current and emerging opportunities, challenges and trends in Africa’s grain, baking, milling and animal feed storage, distribution, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and retail and food safety.

It also covers the food security situation in the Continent and regional trade issues in the grain-based industry

By attending the Conference, stakeholders learn new technologies, regulations and practices that will ensure that the grains, baking, milling and feed industry in Africa can meet rising demand, food safety concerns and sophistication in consumer tastes and preferences.

The Conference involves presentations by industry leaders, Government regulators and managers from the NGO space with special skills in various facets of grains trade, post-harvest, grain processing and food security.

Panel Discussions and networking sessions ensure attendees get to network and trade during the Conference and at the exhibition, which will be set next to the Conference Hall.

This Conference stream will be take place at the Nairobi, Kenya and Lusaka, Zambia editions of AFMASS Conference & Expo 2018.

In the Nairobi, Kenya edition, the second day of the event will have this conference stream taking pace in a separate Hall in parallel to the African Food & Beverages Tech Conference stream.

In the Lusaka, Zambia edition, the first day of the event will have only this conference session taking pace – due to the priority that the grains industry has in the Southern-Central region of the continent.

Conference Topics

The African Grains, Milling & Feed Tech Conference covers the following subject matter areas:

  • Equipment, plant design and engineering technologies in the grains industry
  • Packaging technologies and their applications in grain, milling and feed products
  • Manufacturing excellence and efficiency improvement systems
  • Grain commodity markets and their effects on the industry in Africa
  • Food security status and management in the region
  • Post-harvest and food waste management
  • Costs, formulation and new product development strategies
  • Sustainability, energy, water and environmental management
  • People and systems management in the grain, milling and feed industry
  • Food safety and risk management systems
  • Techonologies in the retail, distribution and marketing of grains and processed products
  • Standards and regional and external trade matters
  • Sanitation and hygiene management in grain post harvest, processing and distribution
  • Emerging technologies in the processing, packaging, marketing, retail and distribution of milled and feed products

The conference sessions will comprise presentations by key industry leaders and subject matter experts, and panel discussions on current and future industry matters and challenges.

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