Baked goods are increasing in importance as sources of nutrition and convenience in many sub-Saharan African countries

Driven by rising economies and urbanisation; changes in consumption and the move by consumers towards snacking, the bakery industry is a vital indicator of the growth prospects of the entire industry in Africa.

Pan bread is a vital staple in urban, sub-urban and increasingly, thousands of rural communities in the Continent, especially as an accompaniment with tea or coffee during breakfast. The biscuits and cookies market follows the bread market in value. Snacks, which are important for the continent’s young population which is growing fast, also offers huge opportunities for further growth.

As the Continent’s population grows and urbanisation takes hold, premiumisation of the baked goods category is forecast to increase significantly in this sector.

AFMASS Conferences & Expos are perfect for the bakery industry in sub-Saharan Africa to find solutions and technologies that reduce the costs of formulation; improve efficiency of production, packaging and supply chain; provide energy savings; and improve food safety and regulatory compliance.

The industry in many African countries is largely controlled by a few big players and hundreds of smaller players. Apart from a few companies in this sector that are owned by a number of private equity funds, the vast majority are largely family owned in the region. However, expectations are that multinationals will eventually seek investments in leading brands in the sector, just as they have done in other sectors of the industry.