Huge beverage industry aims at world-class operations to take advantage of rising demand in Africa

The beverage industry is probably the most sophisticated sector in Africa’s food and beverage industry, as multinational giants jostle with local players to quench the thirst of a growing consumer base.

The demand for beer, soda, bottled water, juices, flavoured drinks, wine, spirits and other beverages are increasing in Africa at a significant pace, driven by rising incomes, urbanisation, changes in consumer tastes and preferences and a rising population. In some parts of Africa, packaged traditional beer continues to play a critical role in the beer industry.

While soda, beer, juices and flavoured drinks have been the most common beverages in Africa, bottled water, wines and spirits have lately become therein growth drivers in the Continent, as a more sophisticated consumer arises in Africa.

AFMASS Conferences & Expos enable the beverages industry in sub-Saharan Africa to find solutions that reduce costs of processing, packaging and supply chain; reduce costs and complexity of formulations; reduce environmental impact; and mitigate food safety and regulatory risks.  

The beverage industry in Africa is dominated by large multinational giants including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Heineken, Del Monte, AB-InBev, Castel and Diageo, which are striving to build their domination of the sector. Local players have made significant in roads in the continent’s beverage industry, with varied levels of success, diversifying the number of players in the sector.