Discover the future of Africa's Dairy, Soft & Alcoholic Drink Industries at the region's only premier Innovations Conference

JUNE 18-19, 2020 | NAIROBI, KENYA

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Africa Dairy & Drink Innovations Conference 2020

Attend Africa’s most influencial dairy and drinks industry conference 

Countdown to Africa's leading dairy and drinks industry event in 2020


The Africa Dairy & Drink Innovations Conference is a high level platform for world-class education, capacity building and networking for the dairy, soft and alcoholic beverages industry in Africa.

The forum is focused on the technical and scientific aspects – processing, packaging, formulations, engineering, automation and sustainability – of these industries, bringing together key decision makers and technical teams from the processing, packaging, engineering and quality assurance of the industry.

Topics covered include raw materials handling, processing and packaging efficiencies, sustainability, new products development, food and plant safety, nutrition and quality management. 

Learn from leading experts in dairy and drink industry from around the World


  • Managing Directors, General Managers & other C-Suite Managers
  • Production/Plant Directors Managers and Supervisors
  • QA/R&D/Food Safety Directors, Managers & Supervisors
  • Engineering Directors, Managers & Supervisors
  • Brewing Directors, Managers & Supervisors
  • Dairy Manufacturing Directors, Managers & Supervisors
  • Sustainability Directors, Managers & Supervisors
  • Packaging Directors, Managers & Supervisors
  • Procurement Directors, Managers & Supervisors


  • Dairy & Drinks developments in Africa
  • Investments opportunities in dairy and drink Africa
  • Raw materials selection, handling and post-harvest management 
  • Efficient and sustainable processing and packaging technologies
  • Cost reduction, ingredients applications and formulations optimisation 
  • Engineering & Automation technologies
  • Quality and laboratory management principles
  • New products development essentials and ideas
  • Sustainability, Food safety and plant safety and health

Next Technology

Gather the latest processing, packaging, formulation, engineering and food safety technologies from leading technology suppliers from across the World

Live Demonstrations

Learn more from leading suppliers to the industry through live demonstrations of the latest formulation and processing technologies and practices.

Quality Networking

Meet and interact with industry peers, leading supplier representatives and consultants that make the dairy and drink industry in Africa tick

Industry Sectors

The event will cover the latest innovative technologies in the dairy, soft and alcoholic drinks industry in Africa:


The dairy and drinks industry is changing in Africa. Be part of the revolution

The dairy, soft and alcoholic drink industries are some of the most vibrant in Africa, with increasing investments and new product innovations. They are also the sectors with the greatest potential for future growth, driven by a growing population, rising incomes, swellingurbanisation and changing consumer habits – driven by the large youth population across the Continent.

The Africa Dairy & Drink Innovations Conference is primarily targeted at the key decision makers in the dairy and drink processing industry in Africa to enable them to boost innovations, improve efficiencies of manufacturing, upgrade food and plant safety and increase sustainable utilisation of raw materials, packaging, energy, water and other resources.

The pace of investments, innovations and change in the dairy and drinks industry in Africa is increasingly becoming fast paced. 

Younger, more urbanised consumers across the Continent are putting pressure on these two key industries to innovate faster, better, trendier and more nutritious products in a more sustainable way. How do you maintain your competitive edge in Africa – where the demand for dairy and drink products are rising exponentially – but where competition is also on the rise?

Further, influenced by the happenings around the World, the dairy and drinks industries are beginning to merge, with some of the leading drinks companies entering the dairy sector as the line between dairy and drinks processors fades.

The dairy industry has also seen the emergence of plant based products that continue to disrupt the sector. 

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