The grains and milling sector is the base for the entire food and agriculture industry in Africa

The grains industry in Africa – from production, handling, storage, processing, packaging, distribution and retail – has grown tremendously from the earlier days when majority of millers were state owned into the hands of the private sector.

The demand for packaged grains and legumes, milled products (from wheat, maize, rice and other grains including sorghum) continues to rise in Africa. Animal feed demand is projected to grow in tandem with the growth in the demand for milk and meat in the region.

Higher value products including breakfast cereals and pasta have found new consumers in the Continent driven by a young, fast growing young and urbanising population, offering the next growth frontier for processors.

AFMASS Conferences & Expos is the best platform for the grains, milling and animal feed industry in Africa to source for solutions that improve efficiency in production, packaging and distribution; reduce costs of energy; improve efficiency of milling; and increase food safety and regulatory compliance for the industry.

Across the Continent the grains, milling and feed sector is largely in the hands of thousands of family-owned business, with various levels of sophistication. A number of international grains industry majors including Kellogg’s, Nestle and Post Holdings and South African based Tiger Brands and Pioneer Foods are active in the major countries in the Continent.

Countries with major population figures (and which are also projected to grow faster than the rest) including Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda offer the greatest opportunity especially for the regular grains, milled and animal feed products.