The AFMASS Supplier Innovation Awards is the first Africa food industry supplier innovations Awards process.

The Awards seek to celebrate the most unique and impactful innovations that are targeted at Africa’s food, beverage and milling industry that have been showcased at the AFMASS Conferences & Exhibition editions in Eastern Africa (Kenya), Southern Africa (Zambia) and Western Africa (Nigeria).

The Awards are the most important platform where some of the most outstanding supplier innovations are celebrated, with the opportunity for the applying supplier companies to be feted in front of the manufacturing, retail and foodservice industry, Government and other stakeholders in Africa.

Only companies participating at the specific AFMASS Conference & Expo edition can apply for these Awards.

The following categories are available:

  • Food Ingredients Innovation Award
  • Food Processing Technology Award
  • Food Packaging Technology Award
  • Post-harvest and Supply Chain Award
  • Sustainability Technology Award
  • Food Safety Innovation Award
  • Food Nutrition & Health Award

You can find the application form below:


AFMASS Supplier Innovations Award Application Form
In case you have more than one entry, please fill this form separately for each innovation.
Please describe the specific innovation in detail while also providing details of the technology and its application in the industry.
Please provide details of how the innovation impacts the food, beverage and milling industry in Africa. How has been the rate of adoption of your technology in Africa, and how has the industry in Africa gained from its application?
Please note that these Awards are open to sponsors and exhibitors at the specific AFMASS Conference & Expo that your company has signed up for.