Processed foods – providing vital nutrition, tasty food and convenience to a growing population

The processed food industry is a key pillar to the growth of the food and agro-processing sector in Africa, providing thousands of jobs and income to millions of farmers, distributors and other stakeholders.

The demand for processed food products – fats and oils, powders, mixes, nuts and oilseeds, savoury and ready meals – is a critical indicator of the general health of the entire industry.

Refined fats and oils (mainly from imported crude oil) have grown in prominence in the region, as better economic prospects, urbanisation and population growth push up the numbers of those who must have a proper meal everyday in Africa.

Savoury products, nuts and oilseeds and powder products are also growing aggressively in the region due to a growing demand for tasty meals, nutritious food. The ready meals market is at its infancy, driven by the rising convenience trend.

AFMASS Conferences & Expos enable the processed foods  industry in sub-Saharan Africa to find solutions and technologies that reduce their costs of formulations; improve their efficiencies of production, processing, packaging and supply chain; while improving their food safety and regulatory compliance.