Find the latest appropriate solutions for handling, processing and storage of food, agro and feed produce

With the industry in sub-Saharan Africa getting complicated by the day, even as a majority of the players are barely beyond the cottage industry stage, the availing of appropriate technology that meets the needs of every business in the region is of utmost importance.

AFMASS Expos bring together a mix of local, regional and international suppliers of milling and processing equipment solutions that ensure that the specific needs – and sophistication – of every business in the food, agro and feed industry can be met, at one location.

AFMASS Conferences & Expos offer an all-in-one set of processing solutions to the food, beverage and milling industry that are targeted at the growing industry in Africa.

At AFMASS Expos, you will find the following range of solutions for your growing business and more:

  • General plant equipment – Conditioners, heaters, coolers, driers, destoners, sieving solutions, gaskets, cooling towers, stainless steel, piping and tubing, motors, retorts, incubators, mixers, sorters, X-ray solutions etc.
  • Processing and handling equipment for specific industries:
    • Milk processing equipment and solutions
    • Milling equipment and solutions
    • Grains processing and handling equipment
    • Meat processing equipment and solutions
    • Baked goods processing equipment and solutions
    • Fruit and vegetables processing equipment and solutions
    • Equipment for the hospitality and foodservice industry
    • Beverages processing equipment and solutions
    • Coffee and tea processing equipment
    • Confectionery and sugar processing and solutions
  • Air generation and management solutions – air conditioning, handling, compression, heating and holding solutions.
  • Energy generation solutions – steam generation equipment and systems (boilers, etc); alternative energy generation systems;
  • Energy management solutions – energy monitoring hardware and software; energy storage solutions.
  • Water handling and processing solutions – Water storage, treatment, recycling/reusage, purification and conditioning systems; waste water management solutions.
  • Post-harvest management systems – grains handling systems, silos, conveyors etc.
  • Refrigeration, cooling, chilling and freezing equipment
  • Preparation, cooking and handling equipment