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Why should you sign up to attend one of the AFMASS Conferences & Expos? There are many reasons to sign up, including:

  • Meet and make contacts with the food industry stakeholders from Africa and across the World

Be they investors, technical managers, financiers, investments analysts, brewers, nutritionists, bakery managers, retailers, researchers, sustainability officers, buyers, or commercial farmers, AFMASS events have something for every stakeholder in the food and agriculture value chain. The events offer vibrant venues teeming with the right people you seek for everyday in your daily endeavours, making networking a breeze for everyone. Tailored business-to-business meetings ensure that you don’t leave AFMASS events without closing your business deals with critical contacts.

  • Discover the latest technologies and solutions at vibrant Expo Halls

AFMASS events offer the largest variety of the most appropriate technology to Africa’s rising food, beverage and milling industry – from manufacturing, retail, foodservice, and all across the entire value chain. By attending AFMASS events, you eliminate the time taken to decide on your next investment ideas – be it for milling equipment, ingredients, laboratory equipment, storage or automation, among thousands of other industry solutions. Meet local, regional and international suppliers under one roof, from across Europe, Americas Asia and Africa.

  • Listen to inspirational opinion leaders, gather market intelligence

The conference sessions at AFMASS events are ripe with inspirational industry leaders and opinion shapers from Africa and all over the World. By inviting successful and knowledgeable speakers and panelists, AFMASS Conference sessions offer more than just nice soundbites, but are rich in inspirational stories, career changing technical presentations and loads of market information that are vital for your business today. Topical issues, from food safety, sustainability, nutrition, engineering, financing and innovations management, AFMASS Conferences offer a 360-degree view of the latest technologies and trends better than any other event in Africa.

  • Discover the latest food, beverage and milling industry trends

The food, beverage and milling industry in Africa is changing and with it the trends that are shaping the present and future of formulating, packaging, delivery, processing and utilisation of food in the continent. From mobile technologies, sustainability, efficiency and productivity and nutrition trends, AFMASS events offer you the best platform to understand how the future of food is changing in Africa.

  • Taste and experience African hospitality

Africa is bold. Africa is vibrant. Africa is fun. AFMASS unleashes the fullness of African hospitality with networking opportunities, food and field visits, where you get to discover what Africa is all about. Sign up today to attend an AFMASS event and discover more . . .

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