Important industry for local and export demand fulfilment and growth

The sugar sector is an important aspect of the industry in Africa, contributing to rural economies, nutrition and export incomes to a number of countries in the Continent.

The confectionery sector – from gums, candies and chocolates – has shown its resilience, growing from a very small base, to being a significant player in the region’s economy and industry.

Demand for sugar and confectionery products are increasing in Africa at a significant rate, mainly driven by rising population, increasing incomes and urbanisation. A rise in young population in the Continent drives the growth in the confectionery industry.

AFMASS Conferences & Expos expose the sugar and confectionery industry in sub-Saharan Africa to technologies and solutions that improve efficiency of production, packaging and distribution; food safety and regulatory performance; and streamlining of formulations.

The sugar sector in Africa is in the hands of mainly Government and local family-owned enterprises. However, the private sector investments in the sector have overtaken the Government’s role over the years.

International players including Illovo play significant roles in the sector, mainly in southern Africa. Significant investments in the sector in a number of countries in Africa have been initiated in the last few years, especially in Ethiopia and Nigeria.

The confectionery sector in Africa is in the hands of mainly local family-owned enterprises. However, international players including Mars’ owned Wrigley’s have also upped their investments in the region.