Decades-old export-oriented industries that are beginning to look inward to meet rising demand in Africa

The tea, coffee, and cocoa industry have been critical contributors to the growth of the Continent’s economies and foreign exchange for generations. But the industry is increasingly looking inwards for growth in its quest for growth, buoyed by rising demand in the Continent.

The demand for packaged tea, coffee, cocoa and beverage blends are increasing in Africa at a significant rate, driven by changing consumer tastes, an uptick in urbanization and rising incomes. The emergence of international and local cafes, restaurants and hotels have also provided the convenience for the young population to try out these products.

AFMASS Conferences & Expos enable the tea, coffee and cocoa industry to find solutions and technologies that improve their efficiencies and costs of production, packaging and supply chain; and meet food safety, regulatory and sustainability requirements, driven by changing consumer and regulatory needs in the marketplace, locally and for export.