AFMASS - Africa's Leading Food, Beverage and Milling Industry Events​


The Africa Food Manufacturing & Safety Summit (AFMASS) Conferences & Exhibitions are a series of sub-Saharan Africa region’s trade events targeted at the key stakeholders in the manufacturing, retailing and foodservice sectors, with a focus on the food, beverage and milling industry.

Powered by the African-focused industry publication Food Business Africa magazine, AFMASS Conferences & Expos are well-known for their unique conferences and exhibitions that are attended by key decision makers from the industry, Government, academia and other stakeholders from Africa and the World.

AFMASS has become one of the most recognised food, beverage and milling industry trade events in Africa, and also the fastest growing, with a target to reach over 4,000 key food industry decision makers in 2019.

By covering Eastern, Southern & Western Africa, AFMASS has become a one-stop shop for those interested in Africa’s growing industry, providing suppliers, investors and other stakeholders the best platform to develop their businesses across the Continent.

The highlights of AFMASS Conferences & Exhibitions include the following:

  • High impact technical and business conference sessions addressed by leading consultants and industry opinion leaders from around the world;
  • Networking sessions at the Expo Hall during breaks, lunches and Official AFMASS dinners that bring together the various stakeholders daily and at the end of the event;
  • Leading local, regional and international suppliers showcase their latest innovations and technologies, with a focus on meeting Africa’s unique opportunities, challenges and market trends.

AFMASS Conferences & Expos are organised to deliver for sponsors, exhibitors, delegates and visitors through well-structured conference sessions, networking breaks at the Expo Hall, plant visits (where applicable), cocktails and dinners to derive the best opportunity for all to discover, network and be inspired.

Where applicable, the technical conference sessions are split into two at some events, covering the following areas:

  • AFMASS FOODTECH Conference – covers processing, packaging and automation technologies in the dairy, beverages, meat and other food industry sectors
  • AFMASS GRAINTECH Conference – covers post-harvest management, processing, packaging and automation technologies in the grains, milling, baking and snacks sectors.


The profile of delegates and visitors who attend AFMASS Conferences & Expos include:

  • C-suite executives and investors – CEOs, Directors, Investors, General Managers, Founders etc;
  • Technical and Operational Managers & Supervisors in the production, Quality Assurance, Research & Development, engineering, food safety, packaging departments etc;
  • Academicians, researchers and students in food and life sciences, engineering, processing technology, nutrition, agribusiness and animal health and nutrition, among others;
  • General management managers with supply chain, procurement, investment, marketing, sales, and human resource roles.


Discovery, networking and inspiration are the underlying messages at every AFMASS event. Key decision makers from Africa and beyond meet at AFMASS events to:

  • DISCOVER new innovations, market trends, regulations and investment opportunities in Africa’s food, beverage and milling industry;
  • DISCOVER the latest processing, packaging and food safety technologies from some of the leading regional and international suppliers;
  • NETWORK with industry peers; industry leaders, experts and opinion leaders; Government regulators, policy makers and other stakeholders from Africa and beyond;
  • GET INSPIRED by listening to inspirational presentations and panel discussions by industry leaders, and have one-on-one discussions with start-ups, innovators and company founders.


For suppliers to the industry, AFMASS events are the perfect platform to introduce new technologies and practices that are appropriate and are in demand by the growing sub-Saharan Africa food and related industries.

The events provide excellent opportunities for suppliers to the manufacturing, retail and foodservice sector in Africa to showcase the most innovative ways to:

  • improve productivity and yield;
  • reduce costs of formulations and operations;
  • streamline processing, packaging, storage and distribution;
  • meet new and emerging regulatory issues;
  • manage people, systems and processes;
  • improve and mainstream sustainability;
  • manage wastes and improve environmental impact;
  • improve quality and food safety; and
  • fine-tune supply chains.


There are many compelling reasons to attend AFMASS Conferences & Expos. Some of these reasons include:

The conferences at AFMASS Conferences & Expos are designed to connect professionals, business owners and top managers with suppliers, regulators and other stakeholders to discuss the latest innovations, regulations and technologies.

The conferences are especially important as avenues to learn latest opportunities for investments and in innovations in Africa’s industry and new technologies in the processing, packaging and safety of food and related products.

The Conference sessions cover the following subject matter areas, among others:

  • Milling technologies, post-harvest and food security in Africa
  • Packaging technologies and their applications in the industry
  • Processing excellence and efficiency improvement systems
  • Dairy, baking, meat and fresh produce technology
  • Engineering and automation technologies
  • Status of grain commodity markets in the region
  • Ingredients formulation, new product development and innovations strategies
  • Sustainability initiatives and technologies in the industry
  • Quality management, food safety and risk management from farm to fork
  • Regulatory, standards management and local, regional and international trade
  • Food safety, sanitation and hygiene management

The AFMASS Conferences & Expos are the only regional events that bring together key decision makers from the food, beverage and milling industry; suppliers to the industry; academicians and researchers; Government regulators and other stakeholders from Africa and beyond.

Food and agro industry focused subjects at AFMASS include such industry concerns including food safety, post-harvest management, processing and packaging excellence, sustainability, nutrition and health that educate and inform attendees of the latest trends that are vital to the future of the industry in Africa.

With an exhibition floor and conference stream, AFMASS Conferences and Exhibitions give a 360-degree view of the industry in Africa like no other.

The AFMASS Conferences & Expos are the only major regional events that focus on the entire food, beverages and milling & feed industry in Africa that are organized from within sub-Saharan Africa.

Organized and conceptualized by FoodWorld Media, the industry’s leading publisher of African industry-focused publications including Food Business Africa (, the events have deep coverage of African issues and are structured to build capacity of the young and growing industry in Africa.

Hundreds of industry experts, Government/NGO officials, technology suppliers and other stakeholders from Africa and the World gather at AFMASS Conferences & Expos every year, where they get the unique opportunity to meet former classmates, customers and other industry leaders – better than any other regional events.

By attending AFMASS Conferences & Expos you gain important industry insights, meet new and old industry acquaintances and interact with industry leaders from the region and the World, while boosting your personal and company profile.

Leading regional and international suppliers of post-harvest management solutions, equipment, chemicals, ingredients, laboratory systems, packaging, services and other industry solutions have used past editions of this event to showcase their innovations to Africa’s food, beverage and milling industry, with impressive results.

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