Sign up to participate at the AFMASS Barista Competition

The 2023 competition is open to practicing barista enthusiasts from Eastern Africa

The AFMASS Barista Competition at the AFMASS Food Expo promotes excellence and creativity in the art of coffee making and thereby advancing the barista  profession and coffee industry in Africa.

The competitors at the competition will be judged by a Panel of Judges with vast experience in coffee making, with each entry evaluated on originality and creativity in the use of ingredients and technical skills. They will also be judged on cleanliness and overall presentation and taste of the final coffee.

Barista making enthusiasts and amateurs are invited to submit their ideas and concepts to participate at the AFMASS Barista Competition 2023.

By signing up to participate in competition, each entrant will present to a regional and international audience and a judging panel that will bring out the best out of them, plus a chance to win and grab the headlines in Kenya and across the World.

How to Enter

The Competition at the AFMASS Food Expo is the culmination of a number of rounds of activities that take place before the main event, and is open to individuals working in the restaurants and related industries in Eastern Africa.

  1. Register for the chance to participate at the competition through our online portal. NOTE: Entry submissions open from January 15, 2023!
  2. Send a HORIZONTAL selfie video or video of two minutes maximum length, introducing yourself and why you would like to enter the competition. The video should answer the following questions: Who are you and why are you interested in cocktails making? What kind of cocktails do you like to make and why? 
  3. Follow @AFMASSFoodExpo on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook
The initial video submissions will be reviewed and those entries that make it past this stage will qualify for the semi-final stage.

The semi-finalists will be given a guide and will be supplied or advised on the main ingredients to use for the real challenge: make a barista under the watchful eye of the judges. 

The final six finalists from the semi-final stage will be invited to participate at the main competition at the AFMASS Food Expo, where they will get the opportunity to demonstrate their individual skills, knowledge and imagination in coffee making before a live audience, for a chance to win!!

The overall winner and the finalists will receive wonderful goodies and a cash reward from the organisers and the sponsors of the competition!!

If you love making coffee, we think this would be a wonderful opportunity that you can not dare miss. Please send in your entry at the earliest opportunity, immediately the entries submission window is opened by the organisers!!


The following companies have confirmed sponsorship of the event in 2023. We look forward to more brands joining the movement . . .




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