Reinventing Food Safety & Compliance in Africa post Covid-19

The AFMASS Food Expo Food Safety & Compliance Webinar brought together the key stakeholders from the food industry supply chain – food manufacturing, retail and hospitality; Government agencies and others – to set the tone for the future of food safety and compliance in Africa during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

No other pandemic had impacted Africa’s food industry supply chain than the Covid-19 pandemic and many stakeholders were concerned with how to respond to the pandemic, in terms of their food safety, personnel safety and other compliance requirements.

This Webinar provided new perspectives and solutions to key stakeholders in Africa to the challenges that the food industry was facing during the pandemic – and how they could take advantage of the opportunities out of the crisis.

DATE: July 16, 2020

TIME: 2.00 PM-4.00 PM EAST AFRICAN TIME (11.00 AM-01.00 PM GMT)

Key Statistics at this Webinar

The Food Safety & Compliance Webinar, a first in sub-Saharan Africa, achieved the following key statistics:

400 +
500 +

Topical Issues at the Webinar

a) Business Impact of Covid-19 – To share experiences, challenges, opportunities, solutions and trends brought by the pandemic, including on personnel and facility safety, business continuity, food safety and compliance across the value chain – from the farm, distribution, processing and packaging, retail and hospitality sectors in Africa.

b) Business & Trade Outlook – To share the future outlook of the food industry in Africa across the value chain – at the farm, processing and packaging, retail and HORECA levels and how the Covid-19 will likely impact the sector in future

c) Technology & Innovations Outlook: To share the latest technologies and innovations that operators in the food value chain in Africa can adopt to mitigate the risks brought by the pandemic now and into the future; improve food safety and improve compliance.

e) Investments Outlook: Discover the possible impacts of the Covid-19 on the investments in food safety and compliance in Africa; and possible strategies to attract investments and financing into the food industry during the pandemic and beyond.

d) Regulatory Outlook: To engage with regulators on possible guidelines and regulations that the food industry may institute to improve personnel safety, consumer health and sustainability in the future

Solutions across the Food Value Chain

The AFMASS Food Expo Food Safety & Compliance Virtual Seminar covered the entire scope of the food value chain, with discussions covering the following critical stages in the supply chain. 

Food Production & Storage

Food Processing & Packaging

Food Retail & HORECA

Why Attendees Signed up for the Webinar

Explore new technologies

Utilise the Seminar to discover new technologies you can adopt for your operations now and into the future to manage current and future risks to your business

Get fresh ideas & perspectives

We are in unchartered territory, full of pitfalls and risks. The Seminar is the best opportunity to ask questions and seek answers to some of the grey areas you are grappling with

Bond with stakeholders

Meet virtually and engage with the most important stakeholders in the region's food manufacturing, retail and hospitality sector; Government agencies and more


The AFMASS Food Expo Food Safety & Compliance Virtual Seminar was addressed by some of the most important industry leaders and managers; Government officials and consultants from across Africa, including:

Robert Kilonzo

Deputy Director, Food Safety - Ministry of Health, Kenya

George Akida

Exports Manager - Africado Ltd, Tanzania

Esther Muthee

Food Safety Consultant - Hospitality Industry, Rwanda

Beatrice Opiyo

Program Manager – Food Safety Certification, Kenya Bureau of Standards

Amir Parpia

Finance Director - Alpha Fine Foods, Kenya & Chairman, Food Sector, Kenya Association of Manufacturers

George Atieno

Quality & Hygiene Manager - MAF Carrefour Hypermarkets, Kenya

Mercy Chatyoka

QSHE Manager - National Foods Zimbabwe

Matthew Ncube

Deputy Group Executive Leader & Director, Nhlupo Business Optimisation Solutions

Joan Lomabard

Joan Lombard

Quality Assurance & Food Safety Manager – Farmers Choice, Kenya

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