INDUSTRY FOCUS: Food Industry In Uganda & Rwanda

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Join us as to discover the trends and opportunities in Africa's Great Lakes region

The Great Lakes region of Africa – which encompasses Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, Burundi and South Sudan – is arguably, Africa’s last frontier for investments in the food industry

The region, which is endowed with vast agricultural land resources, abundant rainfall and fertile soils, shares a tragic history of war and violence but has been largely on the mend in the last 20 to 30 years – offering new opportunities for investments in the food and agro industry to feed the young, growing population. 

This Digital Summit will focus on the opportunities of investments in two key countries – Uganda and Rwanda – while offering a glimpse into the other countries in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

Join us as we discover action-oriented insights from key stakeholders from the private, public, academia and non-profit sectors from the region and beyond, on the investment opportunities, challenges and market trends in the Great Lakes region of Africa – with a focus on the dairy, coffee, tea, milling, baking, snacks, beverages, fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry, fish and other sectors.

Further, this AFMASS Digital Summit also offers the opportunity to make critical connections with the key decision makers in the food and agro industry in the region; and contacts with technology providers, Government agencies and NGOs involved in the food and agro industry, from wherever you are in Africa and beyond.

Join over 500 participants and more than10 speakers at this high-level ONE DAY event, in a number of tracks, to discover answers to some of the queries you may have about this region.


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Key Sectors

Milling & Animal Feed

Dairy Products

Baked & Sweet Goods

Coffee, Tea & Cocoa

Fruit, Veg, Herbs & Spices

Soft & Alcoholic Beverages

Meat, Poultry & Fish

Oilseeds & Nuts

Agenda Issues

Six key discussion points for you and your business


The latest processing, packaging and automation technologies that the food industry in the Great Lakes region can adopt to improve efficiency and productivity


Key factors that will impact the growth of investments in the region's food industry and how to source for financing


Ideas the food industry in the region can adopt to improve energy, water, and waste efficiency across the value chain


The opportunities and technologies available to improve food safety and conformity in the food industry value chain in the Great Lakes region


The latest consumer and market trends that the food industry in the region can use to introduce new products that will increase local, regional and international consumption


The latest Government policies and how they impact the growth of the food industry in the Great Lakes region

Featured Speakers

The list of Key Speakers will be availed soon. 

We are seeking speakers from the value chain who can share their experience and knowledge on this subject matter. Please contact the organisers for details. Please note that your application will be considered, among others, and you will be informed if you qualify

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