AFMASS Food Expo Kenya

DATE: DECEMBER 2-4, 2021


TIMINGS: 09.00 AM TO 06.00 PM

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Eastern Africa's Biggest Trade Show for Food Products & New Technologies

AFMASS Food Expo is Eastern Africa’s most outstanding food industry trade show that brings together local, regional and international manufacturers, retailers, distributors, wholesalers, exporters, importers and other stakeholders in the food, agriculture and hospitality sector to trade, discover and network.

Set to be hosted at the new Sarit Expo Hall, Westlands, Nairobi, the 2021 edition of the AFMASS Food Expo will showcase the broadest array of packaged food, pet, animal feed products from Kenya, Africa and the World to a local, regional and international audience. 

It will also showcase the latest ingredients; milling, packaging and processing technology; laboratory, supply chain and other technologies to Africa’s food and feed manufacturing, retail and the hotel, restaurant and catering (HORECA) industry.

Kenya is a leading agriculture, food and hospitality industry player in Eastern Africa. With strong fundamentals in fresh produce, dairy, grains, coffee, tea and meat, poultry and fish production, the country is ahead in the region in the development of a vibrant food and animal feed manufacturing industry. 

The country’s agricultural produce and packaged food products are exported into Europe, Asia and the America’s in increasing quantities, while the country and the East African region are also major importers of packaged food products such as canned food, high value dairy products, confectionery and other products. While tourism has been a major foreign exchange earner, authorities and investors are focusing on improving local value addition of agro produce, boosting exports and enhancing food security in the region. 

AFMASS Food Expo Kenya is the best platform for stakeholders across the food and agriculture value chain from Eastern Africa who are seeking new business opportunities. It is also the place where food companies and technology providers choose to introduce their new product and technology innovations and ideas.

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What's on show at AFMASS Food Expo Kenya

AFMASS Food Expo Kenya edition brings together local, regional and international food, agro and feed companies from Africa and beyond; and technology providers in a number of sectors/pavilions, with each section showcasing the latest products and innovations.

The Food Ingredients Show Kenya showcases the latest technologies in food ingredients and chemicals from local, regional and international companies.

These include Flavours & Colours; Preservatives; Enzymes; Vitamins, minerals and trace elements; Processing aids; Fat & Salt replacers; Humectants and Emulsifiers; Bulking and Anti-caking agents; Acidulants & pH control agents; Sweeteners; Leavening and dough raising agents; Essential gases for use in the industry; Fruit, vegetables and fruit preparations; Proteins, Fibre and specialty carbohydrates; Water treatment chemicals; Fluids and lubrication chemicals etc.

The Kenya Milling & Bakery Expo showcases grains (rice, wheat, maize, sorghum, barley etc); legumes and oilseeds (beans, peas, lentils, lupins, soybeans, peanuts, sunflower, etc).

The Expo also displays various products made from the above including packaged and processed grains (e.g. wheat flour, maize flour, rice flour etc.), legumes and oilseeds flours; baked goods (including bread, cakes, biscuits, cookies etc) from Kenya, Africa and the World to a local, regional and international audience

The Process & Pack Expo Kenya edition showcases the latest food and feed milling, processing, packaging and laboratory technologies.

These include Storage, milling and grain handling systems; Processing and handling equipment for food products; Energy generation and management solutions; Refrigeration, cooling, chilling and freezing equipment; Packaging technologies and supplies; Logistics and supply chain solutions; Laboratory equipment, supplies and chemicals; Food safety certification and training services; Pests control solutions; Personnel protection equipment and solutions; Plant Automation solutions; Environmental management solutions; Software and hardware systems

The Kenya Dairy Expo showcases fresh and long life milk products, yoghurt and fermented milk, ice cream, butter, cheese, ghee, dairy alternatives etc.

The Kenya Coffee & Tea Show showcases packaged and processed coffee, tea, cocoa and other related hot beverages from Kenya, Africa and the World to a local, regional and international audience.

The Kenya Nutrition, Health & Wellness Expo showcases the latest nutrition, health and wellness trends that meet current consumer needs in Kenya and the East African region.

These include Specialty food products – organic, Fair trade, and other certified products; Baby food, baby care and pregnancy care products and solutions; Weight management products and solutions; Supplements, essential vitamins and minerals, essential oils and fine ingredients; Exercise and gym equipment and services; Sports, sleep and relaxation supplies, equipment and solutions; Mental/psychological health, addiction and rehabilitation, etc.

The Kenya Beer, Wine & Spirits Expo showcases the most outstanding and innovative alcoholic beverage products.

These include beer, wine, spirits and traditional drinks from Kenya, Africa and the World.

The Kenya Beverages & Drinks Expo showcases packaged and processed soft beverage products

These include still and carbonated soft drinks, fruit juice, cordials, packaged water, energy drinks and beverage blends etc

The Kenya Supply Chain, Logistics & E-Commerce Expo showcases the latest technologies in the supply chain, logistics, storage and e-commerce for food and agriculture products.

These include technologies such as cold storage, post-harvest management, storage, mobility and logistics solutions and services and new technologies in the E-commerce space.

The Kenya Sweets, Snacks & Chocolate Show showcases the most delicious and unique sweets, confectionery, snacks and chocolate products from Kenya, Africa and the World to a local, regional and international audience.

The Kenya Fresh Produce & Grocery Show showcases the most innovative fresh produce and savoury and condiments products.

These include fruits and vegetables, spices, herbs; savoury and condiments products (tomato sauce, ketchups, marinades, dips, soup and soup mixes, etc)

The Kenya Hotels, Restaurants & Catering Expo showcases the latest solutions and technologies to the HORECA industry from Kenya, Africa and the World to a local, regional and international audience.

The Kenya Petfood, Animal Feed & Aquaculture Expo showcases a variety of food, health and care solutions targeting domestic pets (dogs, cats, birds, small animals, fish) and farm animals (dairy, poultry, horses, aqua fish, pigs, sheep and goats)

The Kenya Meat, Poultry & Fish Expo showcases meat, poultry, fish and seafood products to a local, regional and international audience.

The Kenya Edible Oils & Nuts Expo showcases a wide variety of cooking oils and fats, oilseeds and nuts to a local, regional and international audience.

Why Attend AFMASS Food Expo Kenya?

Discover, Taste & Source Food Products & More

Meet, network and buy food, pet, feed products from from local, regional and international companies; taste and savour products and discover the latest food, pet and feed product innovations from the big corporates and small and medium companies

Network, Network, Network

Discover the right networks at the region's platform for all food, pet and feed and agriculture stakeholders. Network with manufacturers, distributors, exporters, importers, Government agencies and regulators, suppliers and consultants, funders and investors, regulators etc.

Discover & Source New Technologies

AFMASS Food Expo Kenya edition has the most diverse collection of local, regional and international suppliers of milling, processing and packaging equipment; ingredients and chemicals; laboratory, supply chain, logistics and HORECA solutions

Meet Investors & Funders

AFMASS Food Expo Kenya edition is a wonderful platform to discover and network with bankers, private equity, venture capital, angel investors and other funding and investment agencies from Kenya, Africa and the World at large

Learn New Skills & Market Trends

Discover the market trends that are driving the changing food industry scene in Eastern Africa, gather intelligence on key industry issues and investment opportunities and get acquainted with the key decision makers in the private, public and NGO sectors from the region


The AFMASS Food Expo Kenya Advantage

Promoting Food Trade in Eastern Africa

AFMASS Food Expo Kenya provides the best platform to showcase Africa's packaged food and agricultural products to local, regional and international markets; while also enabling international food companies and distribution firms to access the African market with their food products in one platform.

Enabling Exchange of Ideas and Networks

The activities at AFMASS Food Expo Kenya are geared towards enabling the food and agriculture industry stakeholders to meet, network and do business with local, regional and international partners, thereby improving business opportunities for all concerned, in one location.

Enhancement of Technology Transfer

The food and agriculture sectors in Africa are at a critical stage of development. The AFMASS Food Expo Kenya sets the tone for Eastern Africa's future through an Expo Hall with the latest technologies and conference rooms that inspire the next wave of investors, managers and professionals in the sector.

Activities at AFMASS Food Expo Kenya


Look forward to 3 days of tasteful cooking and product demonstrations from leading food companies in Eastern Africa and beyond. Sample some of the leading brands plus some of the upcoming new innovations from large corporates and emerging companies. Meet and engage directly with food companies to receive vital product information, cooking tips, nutritional advice and more . . . 


The pace of change in Africa’s food industry is changing, fast! Get into the fast lane of discovery and learning by participating at the daily conference sessions that will be addressed by some of the most impactful investors, entrepreneurs, financiers, consultants and researchers. Join thousands who have over the years used this high impact conferences to discover new business ideas, new product concepts or to learn new skills and technologies for their businesses.


Discover the latest milling, processing, packaging and automation solutions; ingredients and chemicals; post-harvest and storage solutions and supplies; food safety and laboratory supplies; supply chain and logistics technologies; and solutions to the HORECA industry in Africa from local, regional and international companies at the Expo Hall that will have representation from Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. Planning your next project? Then AFMASS Food Expo Kenya is the one-stop shop to discover partners to work with to achieve your goals.

The Conference Agenda

AFMASS Conf Logo 2021

The AFMASS Sustainable Food & Agro Investments & Trade Summit brings together the private sector; private equity, venture capital and angel investors; Government agencies, academic institutions, NGOs and development partners to find ways to boost the region's capacity to boost investments and trade in agricultural produce and packaged food products in Eastern Africa.

Key Focus Topical Issues

Addressed by leaders across the value chain, the AFMASS Sustainable Food & Agro Investments & Trade Summit provides the platform to discover the latest opportunities and market trends in Eastern Africa’s food industry, including the following areas:

Sustainable Sourcing, Production & Utilisation of Food

Investments & Trade Strategies & Opportunities

Innovations & New Market Trends

Supply Chain, Logistics & E-Commerce

Food Security, Nutrition, Health & Wellness

Risk & Quality Management

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Past Speakers at AFMASS Food Expos

The conference sessions at AFMASS Food Expos bring together thought leaders, industry veterans, consultants, academicians and start-ups to define the future of food in Africa. Below are some of the past speakers at AFMASS Food Expos in Africa:

Past Sponsors & Exhibitors at AFMASS Food Expos

AFMASS Food Expos bring together food, beverage and milling companies; suppliers to the industry; Government agencies and other stakeholders from Africa and across the World to showcase their latest products and services. Below are some of the past sponsors and exhibitors at AFMASS Food Expos in Africa: