Nutrition, Health & Wellness in the post Covid-19 Africa

The connection between poor health conditions and dire outcomes from getting infected with Covid-19 has been one of the key discussion points around the World. As African countries grapple with the pandemic, it has become imperative that individuals, households and entire communities maintain proper nutrition, health and wellness to reduce the impact of the pandemic now and into the future.

The AFMASS Food Expo Nutrition, Health & Wellness Webinar brings together the key stakeholders from the food industry supply chain – food manufacturing, retail and hospitality; Government policy makers and NGOs/development organisations to set the tone for the future of nutrition, health and wellness in Africa during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

This Virtual Seminar seeks to  provide fresh perspectives and solutions to the nutrition, health and wellness challenges in Africa – while looking for local solutions and opportunities to enhance the region’s capabilities during and after the pandemic.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

TIME: 2.00 PM-4.00 PM EAST AFRICAN TIME (11.00 AM-01.00 PM GMT)

Topical Issues at the Webinar

The AFMASS Food Expo Nutrition, Health & Wellness webinar will highlight the role that proper nutrition, health and wellness plays in the management of disease, including Covid-19, in Africa plus how Governments and the food industry stakeholders can contribute towards healthier communities, including the following key points:

a) Impact of Covid-19 on Nutrition, Health & Wellness in Africa – Discover how the Covid-19 has impacted Africa’s food nutrition and security; personal health and wellness and how the pandemic has affected the Continent’s ability to manage other diseases, including food-borne and lifestyle diseases 

b) Role of Personal Nutrition, Health & Wellness in Disease Prevention & Management, including Covid-19: Discover the important role that personal choices on nutrition, health and wellness have on disease prevention and management, including Covid-19; and some simple techniques and activities that can be adopted by individuals, households and communities to improve personal health and wellness during and after the pandemic.

c) Government Policy on Nutrition, Health & Wellness and its Impact on Disease Prevention & Management, including Covid-19: Discover the Government’s role in Africa in setting the right policies and regulations that will ensure healthier populations in Africa during and after Covid-19. 

Further, discover some of the  regulations that could be instituted by Governments to improve the nutrition, health and wellness, while preventing disease prevalence in Africa 

d) Role of Food Companies in Disease Prevention & Management, including Covid-19: Discover the role of food manufacturers, retailers and other food industry stakeholders in disease prevention and management, including Covid-19.

e) Role of Technology in Food Nutrition Innovation: Discover technologies that can be adopted by food manufacturers in Africa to improve quality and nutritional quality of food products to the population.

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Covering the most Important Issues

The AFMASS Food Expo Nutrition, Health & Wellness Webinar covers the following issues:

Personal Nutrition, Health & Wellness

Government Policy & Regulations

Innovations in Food Technology

Why you Must Attend this Webinar

Explore new technologies

Utilise the Seminar to discover new technologies you can adopt for your operations now and into the future to improve your innovations program for nutritious food products

Get fresh ideas & perspectives

The Seminar is the best opportunity to ask questions and seek answers to some of the grey areas you are grappling with in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic

Bond with stakeholders

Meet virtually and engage with the most important stakeholders in the region's food industry, nutrition consultants, Government agencies and more

Confirmed Speakers


Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Manager – Coca-Cola


Executive Director – Root Cause, Kenya


Market Development Manager – DSM


Africa Manager, Scaling Up Nutrition Business Network


Lecturer, Food Science Dept., Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology


Nutrition, Health & Wellness Manager – Nestle South Africa

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