Africa's Food Industry players converge at the events that matter to them

No matter your position – investor, manager, researcher or student – in the broader food & beverage, milling & feed, agro & agribusiness, hospitality and foodservice industry in Africa and beyond, AFMASS Conferences & Expos are the best place for you and your industry

No matter the sector you are in, AFMASS FoodTech Conferences & Expos and related events cater for your specific needs, better than any other industry event in the region.

Sign up to be a delegate at the conferences to learn the latest innovations and practices you can adopt for your company, or come in as a visitor to meet local, regional and international suppliers of equipment, packaging, ingredients, vital industry services and more at the next event.

AFMASS FoodTech Conferences & Expos are a perfect platform for those from the following sectors:

Including milled and packaged grain (wheat, maize, rice, sorghum etc), legumes (beans etc), tubers (cassava, potatoes etc); animal feed and dry blended nutritious flours and grains.

Including packaged milk, fermented milk products e.g. yoghurt, ice cream, dairy-juice blends, plant based dairy alternatives, cheese, butter, cream etc

Including beer, wine, spirits, carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, juices, flavoured drinks, traditional alcoholic beverages, cocktails, blends and other beverages

Including bread, cakes, muffins, biscuits and cookies

Including fresh and processed beef, poultry, fish, sea food and other types of meat products

Including processed and packaged snacks

Including packaged sugar and confectionery products eg. sweets, chocolate etc

Including fresh, packaged and processed fruits, vegetables and herbs

Including various nuts and oilseeds.

Including processed and packahged coffee, tea, cocoa and drinks derived from these crops

Including operators from the hotels, restaurants and catering, retail operators

Including soups, savoury and culinary products and dry powder blends; processed cooking oil and fats, margarine and blends