Specialty Sections at AFMASS Food Expo

9+ sections to ease your discovery process at the Show

The AFMASS Food Expo is divided into 9+ sections and country pavilions to make your discovery process easy, fast and without a fuss. 

From specific sections that cater for the discerning B2B focused visitor that is seeking the latest machinery or ingredients, to those that seek to introduce you to various food categories, you will find the sections at the event a good fit for you and your teams – making your discovery process a breeze, without wasting your precious time.

The Sections/Pavilions at AFMASS Food Expo

Food Ingredients Show

The Food Ingredients Show showcases the the broadest range of suppliers of ingredients and chemicals used in Africa’s food beverage and milling industry.

These include acidifiers, enzymes, improvers, dough conditioners, regular and low calorie sweeteners, flavours, colours, salt and salt replacers, fats and fat replacers, hydrocolloids, gums, starches, dusting agents, leavening agents, taste enhancers and modifiers, egg replacers, fibre, herbs and spices, water treatment chemicals, cleaning chemicals etc, humectants, stabilisers, emulsifiers, sequestrates, preservatives, antioxidants etc.

Others include food supplements, essential minerals and vitamins, essential oils and other fine ingredients.

Process & Pack Expo

The Process & Pack Expo showcases the latest milling, processing, packaging, laboratory solutions for the food and agricultural industry in Africa. 

These products and services include silos and other storage solutions; grain handling solutions; processing, packaging and packaging technologies; laboratory equipment and solutions; personnel safety supplies; energy management solutions. solar energy and energy management products; compressors etc.

Milling, Bakery & Snacks Expo

The Milling, Bakery & Snacks showcases grains and grain-based packaged products and snacks from East Africa and the region.

These products include grains (wheat, rice, maize, sorghum, barley etc); legumes and oilseeds;  packaged and processed grains (wheat flour, maize flour, rice flour and other mixed flours etc); baked goods (bread, cakes, cookies, biscuits) and snacks (snacks seeds, nuts, grains, baked snacks, liquid snacks)

The Dairy Expo

The Dairy Expo showcases a broad range of dairy products from Eastern Africa to a local, regional and international audience.

These products include fresh and long life milk products, fermented products (yoghurt, traditional fermented milk), ice cream, butter, cheese, ghee and dairy alternatives etc.

Beverages, Coffee & Tea Expo

The Beverages, Coffee & Tea Expo showcases the latest soft and alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea and chocolate products to a local, regional and international audience.

These include fruit juices, cordials and fruit flavoured drinks; packaged water; beer, wines, ciders and spirits; alcohol free beverages; coffee, tea, chocolate and other hot beverages; medicinal and functional drinks; blends etc.

Fresh Produce, Meat, Poultry & Seafood Expo

The Fresh Produce, Meat, Poultry & Seafood Expo is your perfect location to discover Africa’s abundant fresh produce, grocery and meat based products.

These products include fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs and spices; fresh and frozen meat, poultry, fish and seafood products. It will also showcase processed, packaged and pre-cooked products such as sausages, hams, bacons etc; and grocery products such as ketchups, tomato sauces, marinades, cooking oils and fats, margarines, spreads, jams, marmalades, peanut butter, honey etc.

Food Logistics, Cold Chain & E-Commerce Expo

The Food Logistics, Cold Chain & E-Commerce Expo is joining AFMASS Food Expo as a result of the realisation of the importance of the latest logistical, cold chain and new E-commerce technologies in the delivery of efficient and customer centric services in the food industry. 

The Expo will showcase the latest motor vehicle, mobility and tracking solutions; warehousing, storage and cold chain services; traceability, security and surveillance solutions; distribution and logistics services; ICT, accounting and ERP solutions; communication and media services; logistics and E-commerce applications and last mile connectivity services; solar and storage technology etc.

Hotels, Restaurants & Catering Expo

The HORECA Expo showcases the latest equipment, ingredients, chemicals and services to the vitally important HORECA sector in Eastern Africa.

These include cookery and cutlery supplies; kitchen, bathroom and rooms supplies; cleaning and laundry supplies and services; security, ICT, connectivity and other technologies and auditing, quality assurance and franchising services.

Foods of the World Expo

Africa is an important destination for a number of food products from across the World, to meet its rising demand for processed and non-processed food, as urbanisation, economies and populations increase in the Continent.

The Food of the World Expo section will showcase a broad range of food products from out of Africa to a local, regional and international audience.

These products include grains, flours; fruits and vegetables, nuts, and spices; milk products; meat, poultry and fish products; beverages, coffee and tea; chocolates, confectionery and snacks; bakery products etc.