Food, Beverage & Milling Industry Solutions from A-Z​

Managers in Africa’s growing industry demand African-centric technologies and innovations that they can utilize to improve their processes, reduce costs and risks and simplify their operations, as the Continent’s industry gets complex by the day.

AFMASS FoodTech Conferences & Expos are the ultimate platforms to meet with local, regional and international suppliers of solutions for Africa’s industry.

The events offer a wide array of solutions – from packaging, equipment, ingredients, industry services and more – enabling you, the industry key decision maker, to source all your requirements at one location, hassle free.

Ingredients & Chemicals

Including Flavours, Flavour enhancers & Colours; Preservatives & Antimicrobial agents; Vitamins, minerals and trace elements; Processing aids; Texturisers, Stabilisers, Thickeners and Binders; Fat & Salt replacers; Humectants and Emulsifiers; Bulking and Anti-caking agents; Acidulants & pH control agents; Sweeteners; Leavening and dough raising agents; Essential gases for use in the industry; Fruit, vegetables and fruit preparations; Proteins, Fibre and specialty carbohydrates; Water treatment chemicals; Fluids and lubrication chemicals etc

Processing Equipment & Solutions

Including General plant equipment; Processing and handling equipment for milk, grain, meat, baked goods, fruits and vegetables, confectionery, beverages etc; Equipment for the hospitality and foodservice industry; Air generation and management solutions; Energy generation and management solutions; Water handling and processing solutions; Post-harvest management systems; Refrigeration, cooling, chilling and freezing equipment and Food Preparation, cooking and handling equipment

Packaging Equipment & Solutions

Including Primary packaging materials and supplies; Secondary packaging materials and supplies; Packaging and filling equipment; Labelling, traceability and bar-coding solutions; Packaging chemicals and suppliers and Handling and conveying solutions for packaged products

Food Safety & Lab Solutions

Laboratory equipment, supplies and chemicals; Microbial and food safety testing equipment and supplies; Cleaning equipment and detergents; Food safety certification and training services; Hygiene monitoring solutions; Sanitation and sterilisation equipment and chemicals; Laboratory testing services; Pests and insects control solutions; Personel protection equipment and solutions; Plant safety equipment and solutions and Calibration equipment and services

Grains & Commodities

Grains and legumes; Spices and herbs; Fruits and vegetables; Sugar and sweeteners and Packaged food and beverage products

Engineering & Automation Solutions

Including Plant Automation solutions; Infrastructure and construction solutions for factories, offices, warehouses and other facilities; Fabrication, maintenance and repair of equipment, facilities etc; Utilities management solutions; Water provision, storage, treatment, monitoring and distribution systems; Cleaning, waste and waste water management solutions; Environmental management solutions; Software and hardware systems for handling, processing, packaging, warehousing, distribution and retail operations; and Process controls and efficiency solutions

Industry Services

Including Consultancy and management services; Certification, training and regulatory services; Financial and insurance services; Infrastructure and construction management services; Facilities construction, fabrication, maintenance and repair services; Human resource management and recruitment services; Engineering and utilities management services; Marketing, distribution and retail services; Outsourced manufacturing and packaging services and Project management services

Supply Chain Solutions

Including Distribution and retailing services and solutions; Warehousing and logistics services and systems; Material handling equipment and palletising solutions; Storage and repackaging services; Bulking and consolidation services; Transport and shipping services and solutions; Weighing and measurement solutions and Green supply chain solutions and ideas