Africa Supply Chain, Logistics & E-Commerce Expos

Discover trends in Africa's Supply Chain, Logistics & E-Commerce Space

The key decision makers in Africa’s private, public and NGOs/development institutions face a changing paradigm, as new technologies and options available to store, move, track and deliver goods go a major transformation.

Digitalisation, automation and e-commerce are disrupting Africa’s young industry, placing those with the task of driving African industry’s long term plans with the onerous task of leading from within their organisations, as the winds of change batter their businesses – while at the same time, guiding the ship to deliver for the company in the current financial year, or sooner!

This is not an easy task, considering the emergence of the need for more transparency, accountability and the push for all businesses to be more sustainable in the face of climate change and the urge to leave the World a cleaner and better place, and where opportunities are shared by all.

The Africa Supply Chain, Logistics & E-Commerce Expo is the forum where Directors, C-Suite Executives and Managers strategise, plan and shift through action plans and new technologies that will deliver maximum efficiency, reduce risks and discover the future of supply chain, logistics and e-commerce  in Africa.

The Africa Supply Chain, Logistics & E-Commerce Expo takes place at all AFMASS Food Expo events in Africa.

What's on Show at Africa Supply Chain, Logistics & E-Commerce Expos

The Africa Supply Chain, Logistics & E-Commerce events bring together the most important local, regional and international suppliers of various warehousing, storage, mobility and related products services to Africa's industry, government and NGO sectors. Attend the next editions of the events in Africa to discover the following products and services:

Motor vehicle, trucking and other mobility solutions

Motor vehicle and asset tracking services

Traceability, Security & Surveillance Systems

Storage and warehousing solutions and services

Cold chain, refrigeration and other services

Information and communications technology

HR, Sales, Warehousing, Financial, Marketing & Accounting Software and Services

Financial Management & Risk Management Services

Distribution, logistics and last mile delivery systems and services

Construction & Facility Management Services


Upcoming Africa Supply Chain, Logistics & E-Commerce Events in Africa

The Africa Supply Chain, Logistics & E-Commerce Expos will be hosted at the following upcoming AFMASS Food Expo events in Africa:

Past Sponsors & Exhibitors at AFMASS Food Expos

AFMASS Food Expos bring together food, beverage and milling companies; suppliers to the industry; Government agencies and other stakeholders from Africa and across the World to showcase their latest products and services. Below are some of the past sponsors and exhibitors at AFMASS Food Expos in Africa:

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