Sustainable Investing in Food Businesses in Africa post Covid-19


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the fore critical issues that the food industry in Africa will grapple with for a long time: how to improve productivity on the farm and with it, local sourcing of raw materials in Africa while boosting farmer incomes and food security; how to reduce inefficiencies, environmental impact and waste in the food value chain; and importantly, how to continue to attract investments into the region’s food value chain now and into the future.

The Investing in Sustainable Food Businesses in Africa MasterClass Webinar brings together the key stakeholders from the food industry supply chain – food manufacturing, retail and hospitality investors; Government agencies, NGOs and funders – to find solutions to the sustainability and investments  concerns facing Africa during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Through this Virtual Seminar, we are seeking to bring the food and agro industry community to forge a way forward on how the Continent can improve resilience of the food industry supply chain to respond to the challenges brought by Covid-19 and also how the stakeholders can adopt innovative technologies to shorten supply chains and reduce risks to their businesses – while continuing to attract investors into  Africa food industry..


TIME: 14.00 – 16.00 HOURS EAST AFRICAN TIME (11.00-13.00 HOURS)

The Challenge

The AFMASS Investing in Sustainable Food Businesses in Africa MasterClass Webinar will re-imagine the food industry of the future and will cover the most critical issues in the food industry value chain in Africa – especially in the future of investments and sustainability in the Continent now and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Africa’s population is projected to double by 2050, hitting the 2.5 billion mark, as the World’s youngest continent’s share of the population grows from 17% in 2020 to 26% in 2050; and then growing even further to 39% of the World’s population by 2100, when it will have more than 4.3 billion people. 

The growth in population can be argued to be good for the Continent in many ways – growing demand for necessities and a growing labour force to drive the economies of the Continent. The fast population growth, young and vibrant population, increasing incomes and a more urbanised population in the Continent are important drivers for the increased investments seen over the last 10 years in Africa’s food industry.

However, the  fast growth in population in Africa poses many challenges, especially if the massive growth in numbers and the surging urbanisation take place while the bulk of the population lack basic access to nutritious, affordable food, clean water and sanitation, basic infrastructure and quality jobs. 

The challenges in Africa are not only population related. According to the UN Environment Program (UNEP) the Continent disproportionately faces challenges brought by climate change due to the region’s limited adaptive capacity that is exacerbated by widespread poverty. 

The Cover-19 pandemic has exposed the yawning gaps in investments and adoption of sustainable business technologies and practices in the Continent, as it grapples with challenges of meeting the growing needs of its people, while balancing environmental concerns and developing local enterprises that can invest in the region’s food industry value chain to feed the rising population.

Topical Issues at this MasterClass Webinar

This Webinar will cover the following aspects of the sustainability agenda for Africa’s food and agriculture industry:

a) Impact of Covid-19 on Food Supply Chains in Africa – Panelists will share experiences and challenges brought by the pandemic across the food value chain in Africa at the farm level, distribution, processing and retail and how they have reimagined their businesses in the new normal.

b) The Outlook to Investing in Sustainable Food Production, Manufacturing & Retail in Africa – Panelists will share the possible models to improve investments in Africa’s food and agriculture sector value chain to improve the Continent’s reliance on locally manufactured foods; increase efficiencies, while reducing food imports.  

c) The Outlook to Investing in Environmental Sustainability by the food industry  in Africa – Panelists will share the impact of the food and agriculture businesses on the environment in Africa and the role these stakeholders can play in mitigating risks to the environment.

d) The Outlook to Investing in Sustainable Communities by the food industry in Africa –  The Panelists will discuss some of the models and examples that can be adopted by the food and agriculture industry stakeholders in Africa to improve the the economic resilience of the communities and economies in Africa; and how food businesses can design their operations to improve social cohesion and incomes in poor rural and urban communities in which they operate.

e) The Role of Private-Public Partnerships in Boosting Investments in the food industry in Africa Panelists will highlight the role of Government policy and regulation and possible partnerships between the industry and the Government  to boost investments in food processing and sustainability initiatives in Africa. 

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Covering the Investments Agenda from A-Z

This Webinar covers the entire scope of the food industry value chain, with discussions covering the most critical aspects of sustainable investing, including




Explore new technologies

Utilise the Seminar to discover new technologies you can adopt for your operations now and into the future to manage current and future risks to your business

Get fresh ideas & perspectives

We are in unchartered territory, full of pitfalls and risks. The Seminar is the best opportunity to ask questions and seek answers to some of the grey areas you are grappling with

Bond with stakeholders

Meet virtually and engage with the most important stakeholders in the region's food manufacturing, retail and hospitality sector; Government agencies and more


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