The Future of Sustainable Packaging in Africa

Sustainable utilisation of packaging and the management of waste from food packaging are two of the most important issues around the World.

In Africa, these issues are still intertwined with access to and costs of the right packaging to use; how to adopt the right technology to package Africa’s agricultural produce and manufactured goods; and the role that packaging plays in food safety

The AFMASS Food Expo Sustainable Packaging Webinar brings together the key stakeholders across the food supply chain: food processors and retailers; Government agencies; suppliers and  other stakeholders to discuss the future of sustainable packaging in Africa.

The Webinar will seek new perspectives and solutions on the adoption of the latest technologies in Africa’s ¬†food, beverage and milling industry to improve efficiencies, productivity and food safety while reducing risks to businesses in Africa

NOVEMBER 12, 2020

TIME: 2.00 PM-4.00 PM EAST AFRICAN TIME (11.00 AM-01.00 PM GMT)

Topical Issues at the Webinar

The AFMASS Food Expo Sustainable Packaging Webinar will cover the following topical issues:

  • Identifying the right Packaging and Packaging Technology to Improve Efficiency and Productivity in Africa’s Food Industry
  • Identifying the right Packaging and Packaging Technology to Improve Food Safety and Reduce Waste in the Food Value chain in Africa
  • Integrating Packaging into a Circular Economy in Africa, including private-public partnerships that Africa has adopted or can adopt to reduce the impact of packaging on the environment.

This Webinar is Sponsored by:

We are seeking corporate sponsors to partner with us to deliver this important webinar. Please contact us for how your brand can stand out during this webinar when you sponsor the session

Covering the most Important Issues

Latest Packaging Technologies

Circular Economy


Why you Must Attend this Webinar

Explore new technologies

Utilise the Seminar to discover new technologies you can adopt for your operations now and into the future to manage current and future risks to your business

Get fresh ideas & perspectives

We are in unchartered territory, full of pitfalls and risks. The Seminar is the best opportunity to ask questions and seek answers to some of the grey areas you are grappling with

Bond with stakeholders

Meet virtually and engage with the most important stakeholders in the region's food manufacturing, retail and hospitality sector; Government agencies and more


We are seeking speakers with strong reputation and experience in the food industry; plus technology providers who can contribute to discussions that will enable the food industry in Africa to adopt appropriate packaging technologies. Please contact us on how you can participate as a panelist at this Webinar

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