Africa's Fun Food Festivals

Celebrating Africa's Sweets, Snacks and Chocolates

The Africa Sweets, Snacks & Chocolate Show is a series of African focused events that enable consumers and the general public to touch, feel and taste the latest packaged sweets, snacks and chocolate products to a local and international audience.

The Show, which brings together well-known and the latest products by well-established and start-ups,  showcases a broad range of confectionery, sweets, snacks and chocolate products.

Through displays, cooking and tasting sessions, the Show provides the best platform for sweets, snacks and chocolate manufacturers, retailers, exporters, importers and distributors to try out new product concepts, engage with consumers about their products and discover business partners from across Africa and beyond.

The Africa Sweets, Snacks & Chocolate Shows take place at all AFMASS Food Expos in Africa.

What's on Show at Africa Sweets, Snacks & Chocolate Shows?

Africa Sweets, Snacks & Chocolate Show events across Africa bring together the most important local, regional and international manufacturers and traders (importers and exporters, distributors) of sweets, snacks and chocolate products. Attend the next editions of the events in Africa to discover, taste and sample the following products:

Sweets and other Confectionery products 

Extruded Snacks and Fruit based snacks and more

Snack bars and more

Chocolate bars

Seeds, nuts, grains and legumes

Baked snacks and sandwiches 

Liquid snacks 


Upcoming Africa Sweets, Snacks & Chocolate events in Africa

Past Sponsors & Exhibitors at AFMASS Food Expos

AFMASS Food Expos bring together food, beverage and milling companies; suppliers to the industry; Government agencies and other stakeholders from Africa and across the World to showcase their latest products and services. Below are some of the past sponsors and exhibitors at AFMASS Food Expos in Africa:

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