AFMASS Food Expo Tanzania


DATE: MARCH 25-27, 2022

TIMINGS: 09.00-18.00 HOURS

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The Sponsors & Partners for the 2022 edition of AFMASS Food Expo Tanzania include the following:

Welcome to Tanzania's food industry expo

Since 2019, AFMASS Food Expo Tanzania has been the mist important conference and expo for the food, beverage and milling industry in the country.

The event celebrates and showcases the critical progress that the industry continues to record, with increasing investments across the value chain – from the agriculture value chain, post-harvest management, manufacturing, retail and the hotel restaurant and catering (HORECA) industries. 

At the events, visitors get to discover the latest food, beverage and milled products across the industry plus they also meet leading suppliers to the food industry, Government officials and other stakeholders across the value chain. 

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What's on show at AFMASS Food Expo Tanzania

AFMASS Food Expo Tanzania brings together the country's small, medium and large food, beverage and milling companies to showcase their latest products and innovations; as well as some of the leading suppliers of ingredients, milling, processing, packaging, lab and logistics solutions. The mix of manufacturers, suppliers, food service and hospitality players make the events the best to green into the future of the food industry in Tanzania.

The Expo consists of love cooking, demonstration and tasting sessions that enable consumers to understand the various ways food can be consumed and utilised in various settings, while at the conference sessions, leading experts inform consumers about the latest technologies, nutrition and health, market and food consumption trends that they can adopt at home and their businesses.

The Food Ingredients Show Tanzania showcases the latest technologies in food ingredients and chemicals.

These include Flavours & Colours; Preservatives; Enzymes; Vitamins, minerals and trace elements; Processing aids; Fat & Salt replacers; Humectants and Emulsifiers; Bulking and Anti-caking agents; Acidulants & pH control agents; Sweeteners; Leavening and dough raising agents; Essential gases for use in the industry; Fruit, vegetables and fruit preparations; Proteins, Fibre and specialty carbohydrates; Water treatment chemicals; Fluids and lubrication chemicals etc etc

The Tanzania Milling & Bakery Show showcases the Tanzania and the region’s grains (rice, wheat, maize, sorghum, barley etc); legumes and oilseeds (beans, peas, lentils, lupins, soybeans, peanuts, sunflower, etc).

It also displays various products made from the above including packaged and processed grains (e.g. wheat flour, maize flour, rice flour etc.), legumes and oilseeds flours; baked goods (including bread, cakes, biscuits, cookies etc)

The AFMASS FoodTech Expo Tanzania edition showcases the latest milling, processing, packaging, laboratory and logistics technologies.

These include Storage, milling and grain handling systems;  Processing and handling equipment for food products; Energy generation and management solutions; Refrigeration, cooling, chilling and freezing equipment; Packaging technologies and supplies; Logistics and supply chain solutions; Laboratory equipment, supplies and chemicals; Food safety certification and training services; Pests control solutions; Personnel protection equipment and solutions; Plant Automation solutions; Environmental management solutions; Software and hardware systems

The Tanzania Dairy & Beverage Show showcases Tanzania and the region’s most outstanding dairy, soft beverage and alcoholic beverage products.

These include fresh and long life milk products, yoghurt and fermented milk, ice cream, butter, cheese, ghee, dairy alternatives; soft drinks (still and carbonated soft drinks, packaged water, energy drinks and beverage blends) and alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, spirits and traditional drinks).

The Tanzania Coffee & Tea Show showcases Tanzania and the region’s packaged and processed coffee, tea, cocoa and other related hot beverages to a local and international audience.

The Tanzania Health & Wellness Expo showcases the latest nutrition, health and wellness trends that meet current consumer needs in Tanzania and the region.

These include Specialty food products – organic, Fair trade, and other certified products; Baby food, baby care and pregnancy care products and solutions; Weight management products and solutions; Supplements, essential vitamins and minerals, essential oils and fine ingredients; Exercise and gym equipment and services; Sleep and relaxation supplies, equipment and solutions; Mental/psychological health, addiction and rehabilitation, etc.

The Tanzania Fresh Produce & Grocery Show showcases the most delicious and outstanding fruits and vegetables, spices, herbs; meat, poultry and fish; savoury and condiments products from Tanzania, Africa and beyond.

The Tanzania Sweets, Snacks & Chocolate Show showcases the most delicious and unique sweets, confectionery, snacks and chocolate products from Tanzania and the region.

The Tanzania Hotels, Restaurants & Catering Expo showcases the latest solutions and technologies to the HORECA industry from Tanzania, Africa and beyond

Tanzania's only Food Expo

Welcome to the second edition of AFMASS Food Expo Tanzania edition

Tanzania’s food, beverage and milling industry is undergoing a rapid transformation, and with it, the need for the latest information and technologies to boost the capacity of the manufacturing, retail and food service sectors in the country. 

Now into its second edition after the successful debut in 2019, AFMASS Food Expo Tanzania continues to be the ultimate platform to bring the various stakeholders in Tanzania to discover the latest technologies and innovations that are critical to the growth of the young industry.

With a focus on local addition of local produce, the Government and the private sector in Tanzania continue to break new barriers in the country’s quest to tap into the huge potential and opportunities in its agriculture value chain to provide food for a young, growing, and fast urbanising local population, and for exports into the regional and international markets.

Tanzania is a leading regional producer of production of grains, oilseeds, livestock products and cashew nuts and is a significant supplier to the Eastern African and international markets.

Over the last few years, the processing and packaging food, beverage and milled products has taken off, as more investors enter the sector. The foodservice and hospitality sectors are also becoming more important, driven by tourism. 

AFMASS Food Expo Tanzania edition opens the only opportunity to trade, network and learn about the latest technologies and chart the way forward for the industry in Tanzania.

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Past Speakers at AFMASS Food Expos

The conference sessions at AFMASS Food Expos bring together thought leaders, industry veterans, consultants, academicians and start-ups to define the future of food in Africa. Below are some of the past speakers at AFMASS Food Expos in Africa:

Past Sponsors & Exhibitors at AFMASS Food Expos

AFMASS Food Expos bring together food, beverage and milling companies; suppliers to the industry; Government agencies and other stakeholders from Africa and across the World to showcase their latest products and services. Below are some of the past sponsors and exhibitors at AFMASS Food Expos in Africa: