March 30-31, 2023

Discover New Opportunities in Eastern Africa's Next Market Destination

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Join us as we focus on how to tap into the huge opportunities in Tanzania's food industry

The general food industry in Tanzania offers one of the brightest prospects in Eastern Africa.

With a large and growing agriculture value chain – from coffee, tea, horticulture, grains, dairy and livestock, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables etc. – and a fast growing population of nearly 60 million people that are increasingly urbanising and changing in their food consumption patterns, the sector offers opportunities for local, regional and international players to invest to tap into these positive developments.

Covering the opportunities across the entire food and agriculture value chains in Tanzania, join us as we engage some of the leading actors in Tanzania’s private, public and NGO sector as they give deep, action-oriented insights into the opportunities, challenges and market trends in Tanzania’s agriculture, food manufacturing and retail industry.

This TWO DAY expo and Summit also offers the opportunity to network with the various stakeholders from Tanzania, Africa and the World at the high-level summit that will be addressed by some of the leading industry players, Government agencies and more. 

It will also be the perfect platform to learn and trade with the food industry value chain actors in Tanzania.

Join over 1,500 participants and more than 30 speakers either in-person or virtually to find answers to some of the key questions you may have on the opportunities, challenges and trends in Tanzania’s food sector.


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Agenda Issues

Six key discussion points for you and your business


The latest processing, packaging and automation technologies that can be adopted by Tanzania's food industry value chain to improve efficiencies and productivity


Strategies to boost local production and value addition in the food industry in Tanzania and how to source for financing for the sector


Ideas the food industry in Tanzania can adopt to improve energy, water, and waste efficiency in their processing and value chain operations


The opportunities and technologies available to improve food safety and conformity in the food industry value chain in Tanzania


How the food industry in Tanzania can tap into new innovation concepts and consumer and market trends to boost local and regional food consumption and regional trade


The latest Government policies affecting investments and consumption of food products in Tanzania for local, regional and international markets

Featured Speakers

The list of Key Speakers will be availed soon. 

We are seeking speakers from the value chain who can share their experience and knowledge on this subject matter. Please contact the organisers for details. Please note that your application will be considered, among others, and you will be informed if you qualify

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