Defining the Trends of Tomorrow in the Food, Beverage & Milling Industry in Africa

The food, beverage and milling industry in Africa is changing – and so are the opportunities, challenges and market trends.

The AFMASS Food Expo Virtual Seminar series brings together the key stakeholders from the food industry supply chain in Africa – including farmers, distributors, manufacturers, retailers and hospitality operators; suppliers of technologies and innovations; Government agencies; academic and research institutes to define the future of food industry in the Continent.

These Virtual Seminars, a first in the Continent, are key to unlocking the opportunities in Africa, while utilising the powerful advantages of the Internet – hence enabling the attendance of thousands of people from within and beyond Africa – breaking barriers of distance and time, which are a key hindrance to knowledge transfer in Africa.

The AFMASS Food Expo Virtual Seminars are a series of African-focused online discussions between stakeholders from the private, public, academic and NGO/development organisation sectors that highlight some of the opportunities, challenges and trends in the Continent’s food manufacturing, retail and hospitality industries.

By utilising online platforms to reach its audience within Africa and beyond, the platforms shape the future of the food industry and its associated value chains – giving opportunities for key stakeholders to contribute in defining this future in a more informed manner.

The Virtual Seminars are addressed by leading private sector managers and investors; Government officials, academicians, consultants and other key knowledge persons from within Africa and internationally.

They are a continuation of our African-industry focused AFMASS Food Expo and other conferences and exhibitions that have been taking place across Africa since 2015. 

Upcoming AFMASS Food Expo Webinars

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Past AFMASS Food Expo Webinars

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