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Why attend AFMASS Food Expos?

AFMASS Food Expos have become the leading food industry events in Africa for the unique opportunities they provide to young an established businesses from across the Continent to identify the latest technologies and ideas that they can implement immediately after the event.

Through daily conference sessions, Expo Halls with the most diversified food products and technologies; and field visits, AFMASS Food Expos meet the changing and evolving needs of the food industry stakeholders in Africa more than any other event. 

Three Key Reasons to Attend AFMASS Food Expos


AFMASS Food Expos are the best platforms for discovery about the latest trends, technologies and new products in Africa. Attend AFMASS Food Expo events to:

  • Discover the latest the most current and upcoming market trends, shopper insights and technologies in the food, beverage and milling in Africa and beyond
  • Discover the latest innovations and new product launches from leading local, regional and international food, beverage companies  in your country and the region
  • Discover the latest ingredients, milling, post-harvest management, packaging, laboratory and logistics  solutions from local, regional and international suppliers that are vital for the growth of your business
  • Discover the latest sustainable technologies, value addition techniques and practices that will improve Africa’s economy and social development


AFMASS Food Expo events provide some of the best networking opportunities to key decision makers from Africa’s food industry, including:

  • Meet, network and learn from leading industry leaders who have gone through the rigours of starting and growing businesses in Africa 
  • Meet and network with leading food, beverage and milling company managers and professionals and suppliers of various products, services and technologies from Africa and across the World 
  • Meet and network with Government agencies and regulatory authorities; NGO and development organisation managers  from the food, agriculture, health, industry and commerce value chains
  • Meet and network with potential funders, business partners, distributors, exporters and other important business partners from Africa and the World


AFMASS Food Expos are the ultimate inspirational platforms in Africa, where you will achieve the following: 

  • Be inspired by industry leaders, consultants and other stakeholders who shall inspire you to grow your business to greater heights
  • Be inspired by young business leaders and start-ups who shall be important linkages to your future endeavours and business growth plans
  • Be inspired by leading food, beverage and milling companies who are setting the trail on teh future of the industry in Africa through their innovations, sustainable businesses practices and the adoption of the latest technologies.

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