Africa's Food Ingredients Events

The Biggest Showcase of Ingredients to Africa's Food Industry

The Food Ingredients Show Africa are a series of events that are dedicated to the formulation and development of food, beverage and milled products.

Focused on building the capacity of R&D/product development, QA, production teams in Africa’s industry, the Shows showcase the latest innovative ingredients, chemicals, technologies and services that shall propel Africa to the next level.

Whether you are seeking cost reduction, quality improvement, taste modulation or nutrition boosting solutions, the  Food Ingredients Show Africa are your best place to discover the solutions to your current and future new products and projects. 

Food Ingredients Show Africa events take place at all the AFMASS Food Expo events in Africa. 

What's on Show at Food Ingredients Shows Africa?

Food Ingredients Shows Africa bring together the most important local, regional and international suppliers of ingredients and chemicals used by the food, beverage and milling industry in Africa. Attend the next editions to discover and network with suppliers, learn the latest technologies, regulations and application protocols in the world of ingredients. The events showcase the following products:

Flavours, colours – synthetic, natural and nature-identical

Sweeteners – nutritive and artificial and natural; sugar replacers

Enzymes, improvers, dough and conditioners and processing aids

Emulsifiers, antioxidants and preservatives

Stabilisers, thickeners, viscosity modifiers, firming agents and bulking agents

Vitamins, minerals and premixes

Protein powders, flours and isolates; egg powders and replacers

Humectants, gelling and glazing agents

Salt, mineral salts and salt replacers

Foaming and raising agents and propellants 

Fat and fat replacers




Upcoming Food Ingredients Show Africa events in Africa

Past Sponsors & Exhibitors at AFMASS Food Expos

AFMASS Food Expos bring together food, beverage and milling companies; suppliers to the industry; Government agencies and other stakeholders from Africa and across the World to showcase their latest products and services. Below are some of the sponsors and exhibitors at past AFMASS Food Expos in Africa:

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